Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to BG World!

As stated in my previous entry, I will be doing more animation work and of course...with animation there will be backgrounds to go along with them.  SO!  This little ditty here comes from a scene in my Cerulean animation.  The atmosphere throughout the short will be during dusk.  I wanted to get that effect here with the bedroom and with the colors that come through the blinds and reflect on the walls and everything else.  "Pill bottles?", is probably what you're saying to yourself.  Well...yeah.  One thing that I forgot to add before saving out this jpeg were the prescription information that would be on these bottles...I did that on purpose.  They will be in the final animation, also, I am thinking about adding a little more to this too and changing that "strength" poster as a whole, if not just the text.  Just to clutter it up a bit more, plus that text is bugging the crap out of me at the moment.  Considering the angle and where the character will be within the scen...I may not be able to add much.  But we'll see when we get to that part.

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