Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enter Garuda

That's right.  Garuda makes the roster for this one.  I just seems right.  He is a demon that feeds off of negative energy and the like that is associated with the Satsui no Hadou.  He appears in the SF Ex installments but later disappears (you can read the story here:  I've always been a fan of Garuda and knew he was evil in many ways, but didn't really know his background all that well.  After doing some research, he will fit just fine in my personal installment for SF.  I makes sense right? Sean, the new Dark Hadou warrior capable of defeating Akuma and possibly being the strongest fighter out there with murderous intent.  It's like an invitation!  "Hey, I'm super evil bad awesome!!!  Let's mingle!!!"

Anyways, his outfit is still somewhat the same with some minor changes.  Mainly within the mask.  Other than that...I'm pleased.  Onward to more characters!!!

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