Monday, May 16, 2011

Here Comes A New Challenger!!!!

Hello all!!!  For the past couple of days...well maybe more than that, I have been itching to draw out some Street Fighter concepts for a Street Fighter game, that's if I was ever to be in such a position.  Anywho, I sat down for a few hours and threw out some designs.  I started off with Guile, who I decided to chop his hair completely off and give him more of a designer tank top.  Next, I said to myself, if I was ever to develop a roster for the next Street Fighter, I would definitely have Mel in there.  Up next would be Chun Li.  I would make her a bit older, which isn't all that noticeable in this sketch, and I would also give her a new outfit as well.  The scheme would still be blue, white, and yellow...just a different design pattern.  And finally, for this set, Sean.  He would have grown his dreads a little more and also would have become the next Dark Hadou character.  I was also thinking about putting scars on him too, but omitted them for this pass.  Yes, there is a story behind that, but I am too tired to tell it.  Haha.  Also, the next Street Fighter would take place about 10-15 years after the previous Street Fighter.  Okay, I am done and I think I have gotten the Street Fighter bug out of my system for the time being.  Enjoy!

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