Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet C. Bison!!!

As we move onward with these character design ideas, I present to you C. Bison.  Who is this woman, that looks and has a similar outfit like M. Bison? be honest...this IS M. Bison!

"Jah WAAAAAAAAAAAAH?!?!", says the audience.

Yes!  That's right.  This is actually M. Bison.  So what does the "C" stand for?  Cammy!  Here's the scoop.  I really enjoyed what I heard about him and Akuma meeting each other and being defeated by Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu.  In SF4 his technicians recovered what they could of Bison and placed him into a better body.  Well in this spin, the mock SF game, I decided to have that as his back story, however, before he is put back into another Bison like body, he has a temporary container that was developed with his DNA and Cammy's DNA until the new Bison body is complete.

Still following???

He absolutely HATES this body and he even went as far as killing half the team off because of this.  However it's allowing him continue building the Shadaloo empire by seeking out new, more deadly fighters, and having them join Shadaloo.  He is also in search for Akuma to get revenge, but later found out that Akuma had been defeated by Sean, Ken's student.  This sparks Bison's interest in Sean and he sets out to find Sean and hopefully get him to join  him as his right hand man.  The new, temporary body isn't as strong as its previous container, however, it's faster, which makes up for the lost of power.  He still has his Psycho powers (Psycho crusher, etc.) with some added moves that he inherited with the Cammy DNA.  Even though Bison has a petite look to him...he can still cause significant damage to anyone who opposes him...or more like...her.  :)

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