Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Mel Masters!!!

Yes!!!  The main character of this whole game.  Those who have followed the Street Fighter franchise know that Ken and Iliza (I think that is her name) had a boy and named him Mel.  Well, in this particular installment, Mel is older and has been trained in the form of Shotokan by his father, Ken.  Mel's purpose in this installment is to seek out Sean, who, after being consumed by the Dark Hadou, killed Ken.  Mel and Sean's friendship dates all the way back when Ken first started training Sean.  Mel does not seek revenge, but searches for Sean to try and save him from himself.  Mel's style takes after his father a great deal, with some of his own added moves.  His speed is just about the same as Ken's as well as his attitude.  When you have a world championship father who trains you since the moment you were able to stand up on your own two feet, it's okay to be a little cocky.  Just a little.


  1. nice stuff man! You've been really cranking out these things. And is dude wearing Old Navy flip flops? I could swear I use to have that same pair! haha

    -Marlon B.

  2. Thanks Marlon! Yeah man, I'm trying to get as many of these out as possible...considering there are like 15 characters total!!! LOL. More to come, man.