Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet V. Wire!!!

Remember a few posts ago in regards to me making up a fake Street Fighter game?  Well, the characters have been designed and here's one of 14 playable characters in this particular series.  This guy's name is V. Wire (short for Viral Wire).  He specializes in Electrokinesis and uses thin metal retractable wires to snare his opponent to shock them using the wire as a conductor.  His speed is pretty moderate.  Not too fast or slow.  His hand to hand combat is mixed with acrobatics which he uses his wire to help him with swinging attacks (think Spider Man).  The rods (or what have you) that stick out of his costume help amplify his Electrokinesis (there's one also on his back).  He's seeks M. Bison for unknown reasons which makes it hard to figure out whether he is a friend or foe.  Anyone who becomes an obstacle to him during his journey will not live to see the next day.

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